Our Aleph Champ Reading Program has met with tremendous success over the years. This program is a great way to help motivate our students to advance and improve their fluency in Hebrew Reading. It also allows children to progress and advance at their own pace. Aleph Champ, uses the karate theme of different color belts for different levels which enables our students to see how they advance from level to level.    

Every student starts at the beginning level of white and as they progress and they are tested periodically, they can advance to the next level.

There are designated testing dates on which students are evaluated in order to determine their progress. There will be several award ceremonies throughout the year to give recognition to our students for the levels which they have attained. Parents will be invited to participate in these ceremonies. Our goal is for our students to enjoy learning and to enjoy practicing Hebrew reading as well as to progress in a fast pace. 

Each class has one period every Sunday in the Aleph Champ Reading Room. The students are divided into small groups based on their level. In groups, they engage in Reading, Writing and a Hands-on activity related to Hebrew reading by visiting each center.

Aleph Champ Track II

Our Aleph Champ Track 2, focuses on getting acquainted with the Hebrew language through learning the Meaning of Key Prayers. Children who have reached the Purple Level are permitted to start Track 2. Aleph Champ Track 2 requires the students to master various prayers. Each level is made up of a particular prayer. Students have to learn the meaning of the words, and the background to that particular prayer.